• Soadeathdealer posted an update 3 years ago

    soadeathdealer [22:32]
    here is what i have for comp loses in the first rd only as I know i lost my 2nd rd pick for my comp signing

    1st rd pick 11 Monuments loses pick for signing Keith Campbell from Minny
    1st rd pick 19 Rum Runners loses pick for signing 3B Manny Espinosa from minny
    1st rd pick 20 Launch loses pick for signing 2B Rafael Madrid from Mich
    1st rd pick 22 Ravens loses pick for signing RF Luis Lopez from vermont
    1st rd pick 27Border Jumpers loses pick for signing LF mike taylor from NWk

    top ten picks are protected which is why i lose my 2nd rd pick and keg gets a comp pick

    two players that had comp tied to them were
    RF Ricardo Montero from crab apple still a fa
    RP Kichisaburo Nakano Alcatraz island jail break still not signed
    but they do not have any comp tired to them now as draft started and they are fa’s

    well draft will start in few hrs hat is

    soadeathdealer [22:41]
    order that is in ootpou should be the final order if u see any issue let me know