• Soadeathdealer posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    POTD Sim is up , next sim is Sunday it will take us to the playoffs.

    I need to know how many GMs are interested in live sims for the playoffs if there is enough interest I will do live sims if their isn’t interest then I will just sim each round per sim next week.

    Extracting reports now

    if u know anyone that would like in the league have them email me and Andy thanks
    Lets work together to fill the league full of active gms and get this trade talk flowing this off-season
    these teams below are open
    Cape Canaveral Launch
    West Island Storm
    Washington Monuments
    Philadelphia Cheesesteaks

    Andy Hit me up need to know about OOTP 16 if we are gonna move to it after this season as we normally do …

    • Are we going to do the typical 3 games then 4 games? I’m not up for live sims, but would be up for a sim every day with the 3-4 format.

    • I am unable to sim everyday as i have sim commitments for my other league on Mon,Wed,Fri

      I planed on doing a series a sim if we did live sims if we don’t do live sims then id do the 3 games one day and the rest the next day for each series

    • Whatever is fine by me, just as long as I know when things are happening.