League Structure

  • 28 teams (14 per league)
  • 2 Leagues with three divisions each
  • Four Minor Leagues (AAA, AA, A, Rookie)
  • 162 games for all levels
  • Coaches and Scouts turned off
  • DH rule in the Majors (rule passed & started 2063 season), DH in the Minors

Playoff Structure

  • Three division winners and one wild card winner per League
  • Three rounds of playoffs, 7 games each

Sim Schedule

  • The League Commissioner will simulate the regular season using the following schedule unless stated differently via league wide email in advance
  • Tuesday @ 11:00pm EST
  • Thursday @ 11:00pm EST
  • Sunday @ 11:00pm EST
  • Each simulation will consist of one week’s worth of games, unless otherwise stated in a league wide e-mail, chat room and/or the Message Forum.
  • Each playoff round is broken into two sims; three and four games each (live sim will be done if possible)


  • Player Expenses used to determine Luxury Tax
  • Luxury Tax threshold at 125% over league average
  • Tax above soft cap (%): 150
  • Cash maximum of 25M


  • 25-man Major League roster
  • Unlimited Minor League roster limit Minor League
  • Ghost players used to fill unused minors roster spots
  • 40-man roster (player must be on 40 man roster to move to 25 man ML roster)

Disabled List

  • All players on a Major-League roster who are injured may be place on the Disabled List for either 14 days or 60 days


  • Waiver period is 10 days Player on 40-man roster must clear waivers before being removed form 40-man roster
  • Players on Major League roster without Option years must clear waivers to move to Minors
  • Waiver claims made in game

DFA (Designated For Assignment)

  • DFA period is 14 days Players left on DFA after 14 days are subject to assignment or release at Commissioner’s discretion


  • Players are released in game All remaining money on a released player’s contract is added to that year’s team expenses.

Amateur Draft

  • The Amateur Draft is 10 rounds
  • The Amateur Draft is conducted though StatsPlus off the website for entire draft
  • Draft Timer varies depending on the round. The timer times will be announced prior to the start of the draft.

Free Agent Compensation

  • To qualify for draft pick compensation for a lost free agent, general managers must offer salary arbitration to pending free agents before they file for free agency. This can be done via the Salary Arbitration page, which is visible from the League Menu starting on the first day of the offseason.
  • CBA 2012 Rules are used in place of the type A & B rules See manual Here
  • Compensation for Lost players ends on opening day ( or when I import the draft into S+  which ever is first) so that we can start our draft ( in S+) and not have to worry about players being signed that were comp players.
  • Players must be on your team’s roster the entire season to be Comp eligible

Contract Extensions

  • Contract Extensions are made in game
  • There are limits to contract bonuses to remove exploits Contract
  • Bonuses are limited to a maximum of 500 AB or 200 Innings pitched Contract
  • Bonuses are limited to 1M Contract Bonuses are limited to 2M for Diamond Hammer or Diamond Pitcher Awards
  • Penalties apply to misuse of Contract Bonuses could include cancellation of contracts and release of player and/or cash penalties
  • All-star Bonus are not limited per say but use common sense and note he Commish has the right deem the contract as not in the spirit of the game and thus may Void it if the contract is deemed not in the spirit of the game (i.e we should not see a all-star bonus of 50 mil or 10 mil as its way above all the other bonus restrictions) 


  • Trade offers are to be made and negotiated via Email or Private Message
  • Completed Trades must be posted and approved by all parties in the proper section of the Slack
  • Players signed via Free Agency in the off season cannot be traded until the all-star break of the year they were signed
  • All trades are subject to assessment by POTD Commissioner and may be voided with explanation
  • Draft Pick Trading is allowed. But only for the Current draft
  • When trading players you are allowed to Retain A percentage of a players salary (0-100 in increments of 5 ) and u may due so to any player that you are trading
  • Trade Deadline July 31st( unless otherwise stated  in slack #commish-announcements