Running the Sim

How to run a sim!

Back up the game!

I usually back up the entire POTD19.LG folder – its a lot of data but you can remove a few things – delete any archived file in the Import/Export folder and the Backup Folder.

Importing the team files!

  1. Open the game and league
  2. Navigate to the Manager Page
  3. Navigate to the Commissioner Office
  4. Select Check Team Exports
  5. Select Import All Teams
  6. Select Start Download

From here, you will see who has valid import files, which teams haven’t exporting in a while and even teams that may not have updated the game in a while.

Trade Transactions
  1. From your Name, use the drop down for Log in As.. and select one of the teams involved with the trade
  2. Navigate to the Commissioners Office
  3. Select Make a Trade
  4. Select the second team
  5. Drag and drop the players into the appropriate areas, you can add cash, draft picks and even set up salary coverage.
  6. From the Transaction window, select Force This Trade

Ensure you ALWAYS add the draft picks. It will save time later. You don’t need to anything in the second team to trade, but you do need a second team.

Running the Sim

Usually you can sim a week of time, though you will need to stop at certain dates – the draft, the expansion etc.

  1. From the Play drop down
  2. Select Auto Play – Next Week

The sim will then stop the next Monday morning. The sim may stop with the need to fix rosters. Usually if a player DFA time runs out or something like that. You will be automatically taken the violating teams transaction screen.

The will be usually one of three issues.

A players time in DFA has run out they, have cleared waivers and they need to be moved to AAA.

  1. Drag and drop the play to AAA and you can resume the sim.

A players time in DFA has run out and they have NOT cleared waivers. They cannot be moved to AAA and the sim cannot be advanced.

  1. Select a player on the ML roster that has option years available and is likely a bench player and drag them to AAA to clear a ML spot.
  2. Move the player who has run out of DFA time to the ML roster then immediately put them on waivers and assign them to DFA.
  3. Drag the first player back to the ML roster you had moved to AAA and you can resume the sim.

A player needs to be moved to the 40 man roster if they were a non roster invitee or similar.

  1. Drag and drop the play to the 40 man roster and you can resume the sim.

TIP: If there is no room left on the 40 man roster from any of these issues, you can just release the player. Its usually a good idea to remind the owner of the need to waive a player before they can move to AAA if they are out of option years.

Updating the files and emailing the users

  1. Once the sim is complete and any trades are done
  2. Navigate to the Manager Page
  3. Navigate to the Commissioner Office
  4. Select the following check boxes
    Create & upload league file
    Create & upload HTML reports
    Upload status report to server
    Create & send result emails
  5. Press Execute!

This process can take some time, if needed remove the HTML results checkbox.